Spring, Time to Renew your Strategic Plan

Spring is upon us and with it comes the opportunity for new beginnings.  Whether you are an entrepreneur working to get your startup off the ground, or an existing business, spring is a good time to review your strategic plan, take stock of the goals you have accomplished, and renew the plans you’ve created to meet your objectives.

This is the time of year when nature too renews herself.  As the spring melt washes away winter, the sun begins to shine with renewed warmth, and tulips poke through the earth ready to reveal themselves to new beginnings.

This long weekend, Christians will celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Christ, Jewish people will celebrate Passover and the liberation of Israelites from Egyptian slavery, while all those in favour hunt for chocolate and dyed Easter eggs that symbolize renewal and rebirth.

While you spend time with family and friends celebrating your beliefs and traditions give some thought to the plans for your business.  What are your goals?  Have they changed from your original plan? Do they need to be refocused?  Take time to refresh yourself, so that you come back to your work on Monday morning with a renewed and reborn energy.

The important thing to remember is plans can change based on changes in the market, response to your initiatives, and the accomplishment of initial goals.  Take a look through your strategic plan and check the actions taken.  Review if those actions have resulted in the outcomes you had envisioned, and if not, how can you realign them so you can achieve success.

We are now into Q2 of the calendar year.  This gives us a great opportunity to look back to check if we are on target to meet the goals we had predicted for this year and beyond. Perhaps we need to make a small adjustment, or set loftier goals, whatever the plan, spring is the ideal time to adjust and implement changes to your action plan.

Row your Boat Forward with White Line

As tides change you may row a little differently, but your destination remains the same.  What you do know is, you have to keep moving forward.  The following quote I found online is the perfect expression of that thought,

“Business is like a man rowing a boat upstream. He has no choice; he must go ahead or he will go back.” – Unknown

Happy rowing.  Happy Easter.  Happy Passover. Enjoy your weekend, relax, refresh, and I’ll look forward to reviewing your plan with you in the upcoming weeks, so that together we can all move forward, above the White Line.

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