Making better decisions, that’s how we RISE. Start with the data.

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RISE Making Better Decisions
  1. About who I am and what I’m doing
  2. On if this site has any value for you
  3. Or maybe you’re here just to lurk and slink back into the shadows

So let me help you with that decision. 

Here’s the data.

Who I am in a nutshell

Business Professor.  Independent Researcher.  Lover of analytics.

Former corporate number cruncher, decision maker, multi million dollar project leader, and people developer. All in the Travel Industry.

Former Entrepreneur. Founded 5 businesses. 3 Failures. Sold 2. Various industries. Learned a lot!

There’s still a lot to learn, so I am still exploring the world literally and figuratively.  I speak a couple of languages, play a couple of instruments, and pet all the dogs I see. 

I believe that our business and personal lives are interminably linked and for this reason businesses and organizations must make better decisions, along with and alongside individuals. Every decision moves the dial one way or another. Our decisions determine our path both individually and collectively. If you want a better path, make a better decision.

What’s in it for You

Here you’ll find analysis, research papers, studies, quizzes and surveys. You’ll get to know yourself, learn to make better decisions and open your mind to other perspectives, that might shape your path.

Here at RISE I analyze trends, provide my students with learning opportunities, collaborate with other researchers. and share my research findings. My hope is that I provide you with opportunities to think deeply, to gain insight and to develop self-awareness.

I write about decision making from a business intelligence and an emotional intelligence perspective, and use data to expose insights and solidify decisions. Though I have helped businesses understand their data through analytics, I am no longer able to consider large consultancy projects. However, I am open to collaborating on an independent research project that fits my interests in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Organizational Behaviour, or behavioural economics.

Have you made your decision yet? 

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Making Better Decisions. That’s how we RISE.