Research & Studies

A collection of my completed research papers and studies. You may download the pdf’s where available. I am adding to this page as time allows. Want to collaborate on a research project or have questions? Feel free to reach out using the contact button below.

Travel, the Spread of Contagions and the Economic Impact

Abstract: The movement of people via air travel heightens potential risk of the spread of infectious diseases at a much faster rate than in any prior era in history. Curtailing travel comes with enormous economic consequences as the Travel and Tourism Industry contribute significantly to global GDP.  This research paper contains data that examines the correlation between travel and the spread of infectious diseases.  And further examines the global economic consequences of a decline in travel due to pandemic…

Resistance to Organizational Change: Causes, Attitudes and Mitigations

Resistance to Organizational Change. Causes, Attitudes and Mitigations

Abstract: Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Although this statement was made in the mid B.C. years it still rings true today.  Change is constant, but our acceptance and attitude towards change makes all the difference.  Businesses can grow or fail based on their skill at managing change, and …

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